Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Still Livin' the Dream!

Wow, the sun down here is killer. Haha my farmer´s tan is worse than it´s ever been in my life - even after baseball season. Haha but I´m loving it. Because of the sun for the past two weeks, we´ve been leaving our house in the morning and then studying in the afternoon. Maybe this sounds like weak sauce, but let me tell ya, it´s HOT!

Another week past without anyone in our teaching pool being baptized. Aghhhh, I don´t like not reaching goals. For example, we´re teaching a 33 year old man named Reginaldo who has already been interviewed twice. But the thing is... HE PASSED THE INTERVIEW BOTH TIMES! He just doesn't want to sign the baptismal paper (I forget what you call that in English!). He reads The Book of Mormon, goes to church on Sunday by himself, has a testimony, he even wants to be baptized... TUDO! He just doesn't want to be baptized ´´yet.´´
We also have a couple of others investigating that should be baptized in February. We even marked a wedding for a couple yesterday - Feb. 28! Whoop! They´re hands down the best looking couple I´ve taught. Its pretty funny because the members in the ward call them the ´´Beautiful Couple.´´
-´´And how was your week ´´beautiful couple?´´
-´´Can you read for us ___ passage, ´´beautiful couple?´´
Their story is pretty sweet. Their names are Ricardo and Maria. They moved from Belo Horizonte, Minis Girias in the month of December in hope for a better life. Maria found a job quickly as Ricardo didn't. Because they´re young, and without money or a job good enough to sustain the family, they cant bring their 3 year old son to São Paulo to live with them here. We found them looking for a different contact we made and began to teach them.
I felt the Spirit prompt me to promise Ricardo a job, if he were to go to church with us. I was in a split with two young men in the Priest´s Quroum, and to tell the truth, didn't want to make the promise - almost as if I was scared of my calling. But, I followed it anyway and promised the job.
Before Ricardo responded, Maria (his girlfriend) said, ´´If he doesn´t go, it doesn't matter... I´ll be there!´´
Haha agh the faith that she had in that promise. Two weeks ago, Maria and Ricardo went to church for the first time. In attempt to fulfill the promise, and going beyond praying and fasting, I talked to everyone and anyone about a job.
Last week, Ricardo followed up with us.
´´I'm extremely happy now. I was without a job, and now I have two...´´ WHOOOOOHOOOOOOOO!!! 
But that's not even the best part. He found out that one of the jobs would begin to require him to work on Sunday... Knowing in mind that the money was needed to bring his son to live with him, he put his faith first in Sabbath Day and turned down the offer.

This is the Lord´s work. I see His hand daily as I strive to serve with all of my heart, all of my might, all of my mind, and with certainty, all of my strength. These are the greatest years in my life. I´m livin´the DREAM!

Elder Welch

-The picture was taken in a members farm. Just to show that monkeys are common for this part of Brasil. It was on the porch of their house!

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