Thursday, February 12, 2015

A Marvelous Work and a Wonder [2/4/15]

Wow. It´s February!? Elder Amâncio, one of my favorite companions (served with him in Socorro), asked me on Monday if I was ´´trunky.´´ I didn´t realize that I have 3 transfers left! Last week I laid down to go to sleep and thought to myself, ´´Wow, it´s going to be so weird living away from home at college...´´ I woke up the next morning thinking how ridiculous that thought was. ´´Agh.. It´s been a while since I haven´t lived in my parent´s house.´´ Hahah I still feel like I´m in High School, just on a summer break preaching the Gospel. His question really took me off guard.
This week has been full of ups and a couple of downs. Seriously, the words of King Benjamin are what I want to paste all over the newspapers and tv´s - 

" 41 And moreover, would desire that ye should consider on the blessed and happy state of those that keep the commandments of God."   

If I could just help 10% of this city understand this principal. If I could just help 10% of my investigators understand this principal! Maybe it makes me so sad because I love these people so much. If I could only convince these people of the happiness that's in store for those that love and obey God.

A good amount of our progressing pool of investigators reached a point last week where the necessary changes that baptism requires was too much to ask for.

I was on a split with a new Elder this week who´s passing through a couple of difficulties. I tried to prepare myself well for the day we would have. The Lord really blessed us. To sum up the division, we were on our way to a Family Night with two families that are less-active. 20 minutes from the house, I saw a lady with her car door open. I stopped and offered to help her in any way I could.
The conversation passed 20 minutes as I had to sit down on the curb (I was exhausted). I felt impressed to ask the most basic question I have ever asked on the mission - ´´Irmã, do you believe in God?´´
Her negative response caught me off guard. But everyone in Brazil believes in God! I thought to myself. I opened up Alma 18 with her and invited her to read. HOLY COW THE POWER OF THE BOOK OF MORMON! She began to cry as she read the king´s answers to Ammon´s questions. They were the same answers she gave to me, just moments before.
I felt prompted to invite her to the family night. ´´Irmã, do you accept our invitation to participate in a family night tonight? I will start here in... 2 minutes ago´´ She smiled and accepted.
The Less-Actives and this lady all participated in a well-executed family night. We watched the Church´s video of Christ for Easter in 2014. We then bore our testimonies of the atonement. As we finished, I recognized the tears in everyone´s eyes. One of the members less-active stood up and said, ´´I want to do something that Ive never done in my life. Bear my testimony of Jesus Christ.´´ His wife about passed out as she couldn´t believe her eyes... Haha

At the end of the family night, I wrote down her address in order to send it to the missionaries in the neighboring city. I asked her before she left, the same simple question.
´´Irmã, do you believe in God?´´
She replied, ´´I don´t know who He is, but I feel in my heart that He lives.´´

I too, ´´feel in my heart,´´ that He lives! I know it. This is His work. It´s marvelous and a wonder... and it´s coming forth!!
Elder Welch

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