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Fiel [1/19/15]

I´ve been thinking recently about the word, ´´Loyalty´´ and how it applies to me. I absolutely loved the second talk in General Conference by the seventy who phrased the question, ´´What Side Do You Face?´´ Its made me think a lot about myself, being a conduit to Christ, for others. I feel like I could be a much more successful missionary if my side was always facing the Lord´s. Exist thousands of examples to illustrate this better, but I think its better just to study the talk for yourself.

This week was a grind. I have some investigators coming out of the wood work, progressing really well, but aren´t taking that step of faith and being baptized. It kills me when they are scared of the consequences. Its almost as if they think baptism will condemn them for the eternities, instead of blessing them not just forever, but individually and immediately. Six months ago, with certainty, they would all be baptized by now. I was a missionary that forced the correct decision for everyone. I bore my testimony and had absolute certainty that it was the only true way to happiness. However, as of recent, I´ve been changing as a teacher. It kills me because the natural man wants results. The results of this change in me are coming along slower than molasses! I feel the Spirit however, and in the end, I expect a lot more converts - not just in numbers, but in conversion. The type of converts that are like the Anti-Nephi-Lehites. Can you imagine the type of joy Ammon had in the people he baptized? No wonder he collapsed in joy when he saw his other missionary friends.

Elder Bednar explains the type of teaching, ´´Learning by Faith.´´ As always, he cites the scripture in 2 Nephi 2 that says we are agents to act, and not to be acted upon. My investigators in the past were definitely agents who were being acted upon (by me). Teaching the process, inviting them to participate, and then helping them take the right decision incovenant making and keeping is the Lord´s way. He established the plan, taught us, and then let us to rule ourselves. Like Joseph Smith said to teach correct principals and let men govern themselves. Because of the time, the best explanation is that of dad helping Matt with his math homework.

I always remember Matt getting super frustrated at Dad because Matt recognized that Dad knew the answers to the questions. But instead of simply giving Matt the answers to the math homework, we would guide him to the answer. The same principal of giving a man a fish, or teaching him how to fish.

In all, the work is going well. I'm extremely frustrated inside because no one wants to take the step of baptism, but here logo logo, I expect some white photos...

As of recent, my 2 favorite families (one being the family of ´´Say amen you daughter of God!´´ story) dropped us this week. Well, not exactly, but they aren't progressing anymore. One of the greatest lessons I've learned is that of love. If you really love a person, you´ll let them fall for a bit. Does God not do the same with us? I´ll definitely return back to their houses  before I'm transferred. Ive gotta baptize them! I feel that in this way, I can be loyal to the Lord, teaching and inviting people to come unto Him, the way He would do it. What side do you face??

Love you all. I heard the ´´BUCKSHHHHHHHSSS´´ won the big game. Super excited (feel free to send a championship shirt to me! haha). I also heard that Ashley gave a dynamite lesson on prayer yesterday. Here's some names you can pray for next week. Who knows if they´ll be baptized come Saturday?

-Reginaldo e Vitor
-Flávia e Sara
-Marcos Vinícios
-Marissa e Alana
-Ricardo e Maria
-Carlos e Sandra

Um grande e forte abraço para todos vós!
Te amo!
Elder Welch 

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