Monday, April 20, 2015


I began reflecting today about all of the incredible miracles that have happened on the mission. We concluded this week my last ´´multi´zone conferences´´ as I was asked to bear my testimony (being the last one for me). Knowing that I would be called on, I read the day before the last few days before I entered the MTC, the first couple of days in the mission field, and the first couple in the mission field of Georgia and Brasil. What incredible experiences the Lord has blessed me with. Many miracles happened this week - let´s just say the mission is full of them. But what I would like to share today is how grateful I truly am for all that Heavenly Father has given me.

-Mom and Dad. Wow, I would´ve never thought how my feelings about you two would change drastically on the mission. You both don´t know how truly grateful I am. The firmness of a Christ centered testimony is blessing my life and the life of thousands down here in Brasil.

-Matt and Dustin. You guys are the best. I thought a lot this week about joking around in the basement, going golfing, and playing sports this past week as I prayed and thanked Heavenly Father for our Family.

-Ashely and Brittany, yeeeee!!!! Haha I´m so excited for you two and the babies that are coming logo logo. I admire your examples of mothers who pride themselves on taking care of the needs of the Family and home before anything else. I really, really admire this in you two.

Be grateful this week. Sorry the letter is short, but I hope you all reflect more this week on how much the Lord really has blessed our incredible Family.

Invitation to you all - email me your top ten things next week that you are most grateful for in your life. I promise that it will bring happiness to your life.

Matt´s mission call - Chile!!!!

Elder Welch

Tenacidade [4/13/15]

This week was a battle to say the least. Man, I traveled more than 17 times going from city to city in order to find, teach, train and interview investigators for baptism. This might of been one of the most tiring weeks on the mission to tell the least. I got physically sick of waking up so early and sleeping in so many places that I almost threw up on the buses at the end of the week. With this, we had 5 people on date for baptism as Thursday hit. I had to really put my trust in Elder Bartolomeu this week as I traveled. It was a hard pill to swallow as I was so caught up in trying to help others that my own area suffered a loss - On Friday night I got home to the area and realized that all five of them had fallen. Because I´m training a new missionary, it was hard to know how to handle the situation. I knelt in prayer that night just to ask for help. I was feeling a little bit overwhelmed with all of these callings that the lives of these investigators weren't getting what they deserved. After a fast for them, ´´Karina´´ resolved her concerns and was baptized miraculously on Sunday. The first time my companion baptized on the mission! Aghh, I love that feeling of being with a missionary the first time he gets a taste of the joy of this work. It was really a miracle.

Last night I went over to the house of our old Ward Mission Leader (he was called as an area 70 during conference! haha pretty crazy, huh? Makes two in our ward now) to thank him for the lessons and example he gave me. He gave me some really cool insights. One of the things I thought that was interesting was that he said every general conference, the quorum of the twelve hold leadership training on Thursday and Friday for the seventy about what they need to do with the missions and stakes. He said the focus this time around will be the Sabbath Day. How to keep it holy at church and in the home. Get ready Dad!

I love you all. I'm living the dream! I´m incredible tired but pumped up with fire in the bones! Whoooo! Here comes another week full of miracles.

Elder Welch