Thursday, October 2, 2014

"Vamos Pular Juntos, Irmão!"

Saturday night at 9:45, we received a call from the Ward Mission Leader saying, ´´Oh! I forgot. Tomorrow the Bishopric wants us to talk about Missionary Work. You guys are going to give the talks.´´ Haha I didn't have a problem with it, but imagine my companion who just arrived in Brasil this week! Haha his name is Elder Jensen - he was waiting for his visa for 8 months in the Anaheim Mission in California. Haha I felt so bad for him because he had 30 minutes to prepare a talk the night before in Portuguese. I helped him out Sunday morning with some of the translation. He gave a great talk on Faith. I was proud of him. (By the way, I just did the math - he´s my 15th companion on my mission already! Can you believe that?? Haha Ive lived with a lot of people from all around the world...)

After thinking, I decided to talk about excitement. I looked up examples in the scriptures of people that accepted a call from the Lord with excitement. I highlighted the apostles leaving their boats ´´immediately´´ when the Lord called them and Oliver Cowdery´s testimony of the Book of Mormon (when he said, ´´these days are never to be forgotten´´). I finished it with a story about our family history. Elder Heber C. Kimball was in the Kirtland temple with the Prophet Joesph Smith, when the Spirit whispered to Joseph to call Elder Kimball on a mission to England. A month later, he arrived in England, being the first missionary there of this dispensation. The book, ´´Nosso Legado´´ tells the story that before the boat stopped, Elder Kimball jumped off the boat and exclaimed, ´´Im the first on in this land to carry the message of the Restoration.`` I beat my chest as I talked about this story and gave the ward permission that they can have a little bit of pride about our calling to share the gospel.
I then told them the story of the foot race that happened, and who won that race. George D. Watt, my 4th grandfather on mom´s side. I talked about the blessings of the Restoration that have just happened in my life, all because of the excitement of one missionary who answered the Prophets call almost 2 hundred years ago.
The ward got excited, called a missionary meeting together and we got to WORK yesterday night! The term now is, ´´Let´s jump together off this ship.´´
I´ve got fire in the bones baby! I love being a missionary 

Elder Welch

 One of the schools we taught at in Socorro

Another class we taught in Socorro

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