Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Who Can Put a Price Tag on a Mother? (10/6/14)

My friend Elder L. Tom Perry won it this past weekend with the best quote. After he talked about the mother´s role in the family, I had to bow my head and thank Heavenly Father for our awesome mom. Seriously, I tell all my companions about you.
To start out, I received Mom´s awesome package this week that seriously felt like Christmas. That package was ´´bom demais!´´ Thanks for including all of those ties, videos of Christ and pictures (especially of the weddings of Ashley, Brittany and you with dad.) Let me stop there for a second... Holy cow, I don't know why you guys never had pictures of your wedding up in the house but I laughed so hard! I looked at dad and seriously thought it was me back in the 70´s! I showed the other 3 Elders in our house saying, ´´Who would've known that my Dad was so good looking back in the olden days...´´ They looked at the picture and then looked at me. Recognizing that it look like how dad looked I started bobbing my head up and down and just said, ´´Thank you for calling me beautiful.´´
Haha but Ashley, I also received your package with that sweet Brazilian shirt! Whoooop! Seriously, I was showing it off to my companions. I´ve been getting a good use out of it at night.

And just to do a quick follow up - I want to hear about how the family nights are going with Preach My Gospel. I've been spending the past month chapter 10 on trying to better my teaching to help little primary kids understand the missionary lessons. Every day I take a part of chapter 3 and try to "dumb" it down to the language and some good questions and scriptures that would make sense. As for me this month, I have written much because I haven't learned anything extravagant buuuuuutttt its helping. But I want to hear how its going with you guys! Especially with Matt who´ll be leaving here in one year! whaaa whaaaaa!
I sent some pictures of how the week was. The theme of "opposition in all things" these past couple of months continued this week. I seriously never knew how much pain a simple nail on your hand or foot could have. The baby in me came out this week, but it didn't stop me. Joseph Smith once said that "no unhallowed hand could stop this work from progressing." With him, I add my on, "No toenail can stop this work..." Haha it sounds so wimpy, but ohhh man. If I could just tell you about the pain it causes. I bought a good pair of Nephi sandals that I'm wearing (you can see them in the picture of the baptism)

The baptism with conference was the highlight of the week. I met Osvaldo three weeks ago as I came to hear that he´s been an investigator for over 10 years. I thought to myself, ´´ohh man... What can I do differently?´´
I spent a few days before I visited him, thinking about what would be the best way to help him out. After many prayers, the answer came. "Just be happy."
I showed up happier than a little boy on Christmas morning to his door. He invited us in. We just asked him questions about happiness and taught a 2 minute lesson at the end on how the Restoration is the only way to true happiness.
He loved it. The Spirit testified of the truth, and his good friend baptized on Friday.
With conference, my favorite talk was President Uchtdorf. His simple question of "Lord, is it I?" was the greatest question and talk I think I've heard.
Love you all!

Elder Welch

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