Tuesday, October 14, 2014

1 v 16 Upset

Man! seriously, I was 99% sure that I would be staying here in Cosmópolis. After all, I just got here a little over three weeks ago, but the Lord has called me a different way. I´ll be packing up my things here in a couple of hours and will hit the train station tomorrow morning.
I learned two things this week that I would like to mention. First is related to the talk that was given in General Conference about Patriarchal Blessings. The question he made was, "If I continue the way I´m living (even if it be a righteous life), will the blessings in my Patriarchal Blessing happen?" I thought a lot about that this week, and today I realized something so simple. (it seems to always happen on pday...)

We were leaving the house this morning after our studies and, as always, we knelt in prayer. (btw, it hurts to kneel bc my toenails touch the floor... wimpy huh? I pray with my feet up in the air - it´s gotta look pretty funny.) One of the Elders said the prayer and he said, "Please put just one person in our path that is prepared." - A simple prayer, right?
I remember this morning I thought to myself, "noooo. Why did you say that? It´s pday, I´m more tired than a koala bear (btw, I fell asleep this week standing up on the bus... Yes, I was hugging a pole, standing up, sleeping... Crazy how much the mission wipes you out physically) and I don´t want to look for people to teach today. We´re going to get our hair cut, send an email to our families, buy groceries and then come home..."
The Spirit put a funny thought in my head that I later laughed about. "Don´t say amen then." I was thinking about it throughout the entire rest of his prayer until he finished. I paused, delayed saying amen, later committing myself to the prayer overcoming selfishness. I said amen, which I knew signified I would do my part to "fulfill" the prayer. I was walking just an hour ago as we passed two guys. I remembered the prayer, thought to myself, "Man! I didn't want to say ´amen´ anyway." And let them pass by. This happened with probably 5 or six more people. I repented later and started talking to some of the people in the road - wow. Talk about rejection. Haha
But, the last man was the elect. He is married with 4 kids. Already has a Book of Mormon and invited us to visit him... The other missionaries will visit him because I will be transferred tomorrow.

In all, it was a really powerful lesson to me. "If I keep living the way I am, will the blessings I ask for in my prayers happen?" Our prayers need to have action. Its incredible how much prayer is changing me and deepening my conversion to Jesus Christ. "Amen" is the signature to our prayers. The convenient you can almost think of it.
The other story doesn't give time to tell now. Sorry but it deals with being a Rep. of Christ and not a Representative of anything or anyone else.

I love you all. Keep serving and magnifying your callings!
Elder Welch

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