Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Fogo!!! (8/25/14)

Wow, last night I had probably the greatest conversation with one of my companions on the mission. This guy seriously was a blood thirsty Lamanite a year ago. It was the most incredible conversation I have ever heard in my life. I made a joke to him that I did Tae Kwon Do and could beat him up if he tried any of his tricks on me and he stopped me in the road and said, ´´Elder, the gospel didn't change my life. The gospel changed my heart. I don't have any more desires to do nothing bad. Just to do good everyday.``
And so it is, as the scripture says in Mosiah - ´´ more desire to do evil, but to do good continually.´´

I seriously love this man. I was so full of hope that every person in the world can become a member of the Christ´s church, last night as he told me some of the things he and his friends used to do. He´s really careful to not say anything he will regret, and I could tell there's a lot more, and a lot worse things he has done in his life, but I got the gist of it. Seriously, my companion is going to be the next prophet!
The Lord is blessing our desires to ´´open up our vision´´ and see things as Christ sees them. To say the truth, Ive been pretty arrogant (inwardly) about my area here in Socorro. It´s been more than 3 months when our key indicators are the highest in the mission. We have missionaries and leaders in different areas of the mission calling us to see what we are doing. The area of Socorro has a lot of fame now in the mission. But with that, I learned to be humble. I was frustrated last week because I wasn´t ´´progressing.´´ The numbers were there, and the highest in the mission, but I didn't feel like the Lord was accepting our work here. It was because I fell complacent and wasn't trying to improve. I was measuring my success after the success of others.
Well, with these prayers to open up our eyes and see what's possible, we taught a English class of 70 the first lesson. Haha 70 people at one time! WHoooooo! And we got invited to come back tonight. It wouldn't be legal in the United States, but here they are totally fine with it.
With the incredible change in my companions life and his faith to pave the way, I really feel like we will see miracles in the mission field aqui logo logo...

Elder Welch

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