Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Number 10 (8/18/2014)

Man, I feel like I´m in a time tunnel. I feel like I wrote this yesterday, but the end of august and the start of September gets me PUMPED UP! Haha it´s football season! WHooooooooo! Haha Matt sent me a picture of the beloved number 10 he´s going to wear this year. I was so happy to see that, haha. Dad told me that 2adays ended and school started, so the season must start here next weekend? Fill me in on the details, I´ll be cheering all the way down here in Brasil.

I hear the coaches are pretty rough on Matt. I thought about the challenges I had with coaches in High School, and also about Dustin, Ashley, and Brittany. It's unfortunates, but it seems to always be like this. If I could give any advice it would just to do things the right way. To use the words of the Prophet Joseph Smith, in whom Matt was named after, ´´We teach them correct principals to govern themselves.´´ Apply the principals of hard work and teamwork and let the coaches govern themselves. Haha I hope that makes sense. The memories come from the way you feel in respect to what you did, not how much playing time. Its something I'm starting to learn on the mission. My success isn't how many people I baptize, but the work I put in and the feelings I have after is always the things I remember - about the areas Ive served in, the members Ive served with, and the people Ive helped. Doing things right will never be in vain. Your chances of playing time, or baptizing, are a lot higher when you do things the way He asks them to be done.

I was also really impressed to hear that Matt is going to the temple on a monthly basis. I loved hearing that he has a recommended usage temple recommend. Its a sign of worthiness, or manliness. I read a scripture this morning in D&C about how learning our duty and doing our duty allows us to be worthy to stand at the last day.
Dad! Holy cow, I think your last letter to me was the greatest letter you have written while being on the mission. Its because you talked about YOUR mission! About Auroa Diana and the decision she made the day of her baptism. I think your situation would've been harder because the baptismal font was already filled! There´s something special I learned from reading your letter. I felt connected in some way to her because you taught her. I think that's part of why we should keep a journal. I'm so engaged to your stories when you were younger, I think because you're my parents. I hope you and mom have started and are still writing in your journals at least once each week. Two scriptures to motivate is 2 Nephi 25:26 and the last verse in Jacob.
I don't have any advice with zone conference. The few things that are on my mind are about 1. vision (vision to baptize and strengthen units) and 2. accomplishing goals. I think Chapter 1 or 8 of PMG would give you some inspiration.

I'm also excited to hear about your PMG family nights. Dustin's FHE when he returned home from his mission about ´´diligence´´ I can still remember. Keep it up! I would like to hear about the things you are learning.

Sorry this is the second week without me talking much about the week. I'm currently working on helping some of these men with the Aaronic priesthood receive the higher so that he can open up a ward here in January! Our goal is set. The stake president visited us yesterday and talked to me for 50 minutes on how to save Socorro. I'm pumped up for the season not only because Football is starting, but also because these are the Last Days baby! Whoooooo!

I'm so grateful to represent my Savior. I love Him

Elder Welch

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