Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Oh yeah (8/11/2014)

This week was crazy. I told Grandma McFerson in a letter I just wrote, "sorry this email is so short. Life would be a lot easier as a missionary if His work wasn´t hastening." But on that note, it also wouldn´t be as exciting.

Man, it´s incredible to see the forces of good and evil as a missionary. Something incredibly miraculous happens, and then something devastating accompanies it. It´s a bipolar life - 2 Nephi 2:11

After last week´s crazy finish, The Lord opened up some big time communication for us. Julia, the older sister in the picture of the baptism, is seriously the shyest person I´ve ever met in my entire life! She´s also one of the sweetest, nicest sisters in the world.
Anyway, get this. The shyest person I think on this planet opened her mouth at school to her English teacher about us! She said something like an American missionary is visiting her house who talks English. The teacher flipped out with excitement and invited us to come to the school and talk with him. Well, wasn´t just with him, but his entire class of 15 students. But it wasn´t just the students... the principal of the school also sat in WITH THE SUPERINTENDENT! Haha they asked us what we do. I obviously had to talk about baptism. Haha I talked about just about everything without inviting them to be baptized because the Spirit restrained me, saying I couldn't do that in a school. But, I said we would like to help you guys be baptized in Christ's Church. We received all of their contact information and will pass by this week!
Buuuuuttttt the superintendent took a picture with us and is putting it in the newspaper with a date for us to come back and talk to the ENTIRE school! 900 students with their families... Uhmmm... 
Vamos lá então!

Love ya all,

Elder Welch

Preach My Gospel learning this week: The first sentence of chapter one of PMG under the section of ´´Baptism and Confirmation´´ really hit home with me this week. I´ve read a bunch of scriptures lately on how to magnify your calling (and received awesome letters from mom and how she´s reeeallllly going above and beyond with this) and realized how simple my purpose is as a missionary. To baptize and confirm people members of His church! Elder Bednar said also regarding your purpose, ´´if you don´t invite, you don´t understand.´´ This is one of the three goals I made for year number two on the mission. My head doesn´t hit the pillow at night until I invited at least one person to be baptized and confirmed. I´ve gotta turn in to a machine full of dishing out invitations.

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