Monday, June 8, 2015

Here we go, baby! [5/25/15]

´´Well, that makes one more that  I don´t know,´´ were the words that came out of my mouth as I opened up my email today. Whhhooooo for Brittany and Adam! It´s so exciting yet so strange, knowing that there´s people of my immediate Family that I don´t know. Congrats to Ashley and Brittany with their two newborn daughters, Blaire and Kenzie!

Well my dreams came tumbling down yesterday after church. The baptismal font was filled, my companion dressed in White to baptize, the members sitting down waiting for Ronaldo to enter the room, when all of the sudden he decided to wait until next week. WHAT?! Next week? But, everything is ready! Lets go and do this thing! Haha but apparently he fought with his wife on Saturday and he didn't feel good being baptized without her present. I understand and even agree with his decision, but meu! What is this? The work of the enemy really is a tripping block in this work.

With Ronaldo, we´ve got 4 lined up for this next week. Should be an exciting one. My companion is a lot like, and I mean almost identical, as my first companion in Georgia, Elder Peery. I´m learning a lot with him, and about myself. This week I asked him if he thought I was funny... ´´Only sometimes,´´ he replied. Hahah, I can´´t please everyone I guess.

But with the baptisms lined up and ready to go, Ive got the members counting on me this Friday. I´m the leader of a ´´Mexican Night´´ that is going to happen this Friday. All of the sisters in the Ward were talking me down yesterday that I wouldn't be able to pull it off (the Ward mission leader throwing the responsibility on me). It´s either time to gain a lot of confidence here or lose it all. Well, in reality I don´t have THAT much confidence because I just got here. But its better that way. I´ve got nothing to lose and everything (referrals) to gain!

Yeah yeah yeah, here we go baby!

Love you all.
Elder Welch

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