Monday, June 8, 2015

Fighting the Good Fight [6/2/15]

Whoooohooooooo!! We've got big things popping here. It was a roller coaster of emotions this past week - full of ups and downs. Nevertheless, I'm excited to share my week with you all and bear my testimony of this incredible work!
-First, I couldn't believe that Elder L. Tom Perry passed away this past weekend! What?! He was my apostle! My connection with the Quorum of the Twelve! The man that ate my peanut butter and honey sandwich! No but seriously, I felt a pit in my stomach when his passing away was announced over the pulpit on Sunday. I was without words. I will always remember that weekend we passed with him. That single visit marked me a lot while in the mission field.
-One of the families we baptized in Socorro traveled 3 hours Sunday morning to surprise me at church here in Campinas! Man, if I could adequately express how happy I was to see them... It was one of the best moments receiving letters in person from them. Seriously, I felt really loved - appreciated to say it better for the work that was done in Socorro. In reality, I will visit them one last time next Saturday. Please pray this week that AFONSO gets baptized. I've been praying and fasting for more than ONE YEAR to complete this family. I know it's possible, we just need the faith. Let's put our Welch faith to the test these next 11 days so that his wife, Ariana, can have what she has always prayed for. Seriously, I KNOW this is going to happen.
-We had the incredible opportunity to get to know and help guide the family Santos to baptism this past month. The last three members of their family were baptized on Sunday together with a mom of our Ward Mission Leader! It was a good Sunday last week. A lot of joy.
-We performed one of the greatest parties that I have been apart of this past week as a missionary team. WOW! Did it cause a lot of work. Haha seriously, I never knew what I was getting myself in to. I never have received so many phone calls from members calling me to ask permission and to report what was done. I felt like a CEO of a business - sending out orders and receiving reports. Did it cause stress? Lets just say a little bit of a LOT of it. Haha on the day of the party, the president of the relief society even had me ''proof taste''all of the food so that I could give the 'ók.''Haha but the turnout was incredible. The members loved it and more than 20 investigators were present. In all, our ''Mexican Night'' was a success! Mom, I think you would be proud of our creativity!
-This past week I had my last interview with President Perrotti. Wow, does anyone want to get married?? Haha I've never seen myself more than just a missionary... Now with a wife? Strange to think that just in a few weeks, things will change.
-It rained hard on us this past week. And the best part was that one of the cars sprayed us pretty good while we were walking on the side of the road. My companion, because he is new, wanted to get really frustrated - but before he said anything, I looked at him and gave him a ''WHOOOOOOOO!! That's what I[m talking about!'' Haha he started to laugh because of how excited I am about this great work. It's opposition. It means we're on the right track!
-I also got expelled from a house this week just because I'm American. I was rejected hard in MANY ways this week, received few times, but had a happy happy happy week. I love this work.

A strong abraço for you all! Let's work this miracle for Afonso and his family. I don't know if I will be able to send an email to you next week but Ill write at least one more email before seeing you all in person!

Elder Welch

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