Thursday, May 7, 2015

May Already?! [4/27/15]

[Tyler's brother, Matt, got his mission call to the Ecuador, Quito mission - reporting to the Mexico MTC on July 29]

Wow, this past week may have been the greatest weeks for me on the mission. Seriously, the mission just keeps getting better and better. Let me give a day-by-day replay of what happened.
-Last week, for the first time on the mission I played American football. Wow, it brought back such good memories as we played with some other elders and ym from nearby wards. It was a lot of fun too because no one here knows how to play so I had to explain a lot of rules. The American missionaries definitely dominated as the Brasilians just wanted to kick field goals... haha
-On Tuesday, I had the HUGE and amazing opportunity to travel back to my favorite city, Socorro. On average, every 3 months I will travel there to see how the branch is progressing and see what I can do with missionary work. Anticipating my visit, they planned a surprise Brasilian bbq with a bunch of desserts that I love (with peanuts! haha). I saw a lot of members and converts that I baptized with my companions. We shared a lot of great memories. At night, they surprised me again with a HUGE family night with even more members and converts... Many cried as they just saw me walk in the door. They asked me to say every prayer, to give every message, and to do just about everything else -I don´t know if I´ve ever been so happy in my entire life. They all looked at me as if I was a superhero. The little kids remembered my name and asked to take pictures with me. I knelt down that night as Enos and just poured out my whole soul in thanksgiving.
-Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday were spent traveling to different cities - Bragança Paulista, Atibaia, Amparo, Imperial, Perdões - training and teaching members and missionaries. It was absolutely exhausting, but an incredible experience. 

I don´t believe it but the time already ran out! I need to figure out a way to send you all some pictures from this incredible week. This work is His work. I love my Savior and just want to serve, serve, and serve Him some more for the rest of my life.
Yes, I´m still livin´ it! The dream all day, everyday.
Elder Welch

-Thank you Mom and Dad for your ´´Top Ten´´ lists of what you are grateful for. They made me tear-up. Haha I don´t know why but they made me really happy. Matt, Dustin, Brittany, Adam, Ashley, and Joe (oh, and Boston, Reese, and Chase - and Nixon if he can talk... can he talk yet?) I still would like to receive your lists.
-CONGRATULATIONS MATTHEW!!! WHOOOHOOOOO! WOW, I´m seriously PUMPED up for you. Equador! ´´Eiii Siiiiiiii!!´´ (as the brasilians would say)

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