Thursday, May 7, 2015

Cinderella Upset - "This is Madness Babyyyyy!" [5/4/15]

Well, I woke up this morning at 3:30 and wasn´t able to go back to sleep... I decided to use the time of lying down in bed with my eyes open, to write down some of my feelings. Here´s what I wrote as the moon was still out this morning.

´´I can´t sleep... I toss and turn, kneel and pray, use the bathroom and drink water - just about everything but sleep. It´s because of the News I received today. The transfer call came. ´´Elder Welch... Saiu Nova Vinhedo!´´

I couldn't believe it. An hour after the baptism of Gustavo, the baptismal record of Ester in hand, the baptismal date finally set for Sérgio... Alexandre saying his first prayer OUT LOUD! Too many exciting things coming to an end.

But in all, I know better. Was I sad? Without a doubt. But as I told Sister Reginna yesterday after church as she asked me if I think I will stay in Nova Vinhedo for my last transfer on the mission, ´´ My desire is to stay in this city,´´ I said. ´´But I´ve learned on the mission that what I want usually isn´t what happens - so I will be prepared for anything.´´

Tomorrow begins with a new end that I didn´t see coming. 6 months of work and fasting for members and non-members in order to better understand personal needs and thoughts, will need to be re gained as I will go to a new area, in a new zone, and with a new companion. My heart swells in gratitude to God for these incredible experiences and the work that has been done.

It´s strange to see it coming to an end. After all, it´s all I really ever wanted in my life. The only thing I thought about, dreamed about, talked about in relation to my future was wearing this name tag and crying repentance to a people that need what I have. It´s what I love to do. It´s become who I am. And now what? I don´t know. It´s just hard to see myself doing something else.

On the mission, a lot of changes have been made in my life. I believe in God and know that good things will come. Unfortunately, the day will soon come when I´m back in the same office with my dad again, but this time being released from the only calling I ever wanted. But I know these changes are permanent. I have found and experienced a higher life of living - a happier life that brings more satisfaction. A life that has everything - all of my heart, all of my might, all of my mind. and all of my strength - centered on the King, Jesus Christ.

Sure, I might be ´´strange´´ upon arrival to my Family and friends (I sure remember how awkward Dustin was to me, haha) but tudo bem. I can see how my mom will worry if I will ever adjust back to normal, member life, or maybe even American life, but tudo bem. What the Lord has done to me in my service to Him, what I have been apart of these past two years, enables me to simply adapt and repent instead of fall in to old, bad habits.

The future is bright! I´m excited for this next transfer (not because it´s the last one, but because it´s at least ´´one more.´´) I am grateful to a loving Heavenly Father for this area. I have labored all of my days with the elect of God. It´s been a dream come true.

Well, here it goes - one last time as a (single) full-time missionary.
Mom. Dad. I´m going to ´´Live the Dream´´ one last time.

Love you all!
Elder Welch

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  1. Welch, para onde vc esta indo agora?
    Qual sera a sua nova area?
    Estou com saudades....
    Giovanna e familia