Wednesday, March 25, 2015

March MADNESS! [3/9/15]

Woooohoooooooo!! Dustin filled me in on the sports world that the good ´ol Bracketology should be happening next week... As everyone in the states gets pumped for the madness, I challenge you to get more fired up about missionary work. Man, it´s INCREDIBLE!
Unfortunately, we decided to use a different computer today so I won´t send any pictures home - but let it be known that families are being found! It´s an incredible feeling as a missionary to sit in a chair and look at 2 sofas fill of parents and children. It´s been my dream for a long time to be teaching these type of families, and an answer to many, many prayers.

The youth of our Ward returned home from ´´EFY´´ (which is now called FSY??) two weeks ago, which sent all of them to the pulpit to bear their testimonies. It brought back a lot of good memories that I had while I was at EFY and the dream I Always had to be a counselor. Anyway, the entire Ward got super pumped up as they saw and heard so many spiritual experiences... which got me thinking. The mission is 1000 times better than EFY, I´m gonna throw in the thunder to this Ward. And that´s what we did this week.
It was pretty awesome this week. We started to call members and report how their referrals are progressing. To one of the sister´s I said, ´´NOSSA!! Irmã, your referral was amazing! SHE SAID THIS...., AND THEN DID THAT...., THEN CRIED AND DECIDED TO DO THIS ....!!!´´ Haha it was awesome because of the responses on the other end of the phone.
´´Elder Welch!! Send them over to my house. Let´s do a Family night! Can it be this week?! AGHHH!! I´m so happy!´´ Haha I love inspiration.

To end, I went on a division far away to a city called ´´Protection.´´ A tiny branch of 25 members, more or less. I´ve been visiting cities to individually train the branch/Ward mission leaders with the branch presidents and bishops about chapter 13 of PMG.

Its a great dream that I´m living. I hope it never ends!
Elder Welch

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