Wednesday, March 25, 2015

I Live for 9:15 Every Sunday [2/23/15]

Well, I don´t have any baptismal pictures to send home this week. February has been brutal here - seriously a fight with the enemy. A mountain of highs and a couple of deep, deep valleys of lows. The mission has had both the happiest of times and saddest. Allow me to explain. 
I´ll send now together a picture of my new companion - Elder Bartolomeu. 
He´s from Recife as well, and grew up basically alone in the church. With his departure as a missionary, his mom and sister decided to return to activity. Some of the stories of my companions are pretty crazy. He´s amazing and practically has the bible memorized! Haha its funny because the missionaries always give me a hard time because I use 95% Book of Mormon in the lessons I teach - they think I'm against the bible or something. So he´s a good companion for me.

Quickly, sorry for the short letter, yesterday tore my heart to pieces. 0 investigators. ZERO. Let me say one more time. ZERO investigators were in church yesterday. Of all of the success of finding and teaching families by the Spirit the past couple of weeks no one was present. Thanks to the Sacrament meeting, I was inspired to sing a hymn at the beginning of each lesson this next week. My life is starting to revolve around this time. 9:15, when the sacrament is being passed, has been some of the greatest moments for me to turn a bad week into an incredible. Here comes a dynamite week!

Love you all! I´ve got fire in the bones!!
Elder Welch

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