Monday, July 14, 2014

"It is Finished" (psyche!)

Holy smokes! Okay, it hit me. I may be feeling a little bit trunky right now. Wow how in the world did Mom find that beach?! The family pictures Brittany sent me were awesome. Wow! Our family is goooooood looookin´. Congratulations Mom and Dad.  ANNNNDDDDD, drum roll please.... BOSTON WAS BAPTIZED!!! YEAHHHHHHHHH. I´m so pumped to get a copy of his talk and hear (hopefully) from him on how it was, what he felt, etc. One thing I wish I would´ve done when I was baptized was write a journal entry of how I felt. I have each Priesthood advancement in my journal (deacon, teacher, priest - and the first times I participated in each of these Preisthood responsibilities), first time at the temple, receiving my mission call, etc. Practically everything but my baptism. And man do I want to know how I was feeling way back 12 years ago (oh yeah baby... I'm 20 now). Haha so, if he hasn't done that yet, tell him that this is my invitation to him. I hope to get a copy of his journal entry!
On another note, I saw a Playstation 4!! Haha WHAT?! When did that come out? Haha seriously, one of the families we are teaching has it and I stared at it for a full minute. It was more than a shock than anything. I thought to myself, ´´Wow, it´s now been a year since I´ve left home...´´ Crazy to think about.

I'm loving my Preach My Gospel studies everyday. I learn more and more as I continue to reread it´s chapters. It's really helping me to change and become a better missionary. I hear sometimes about your "Preach My Gospel Family Nights" but I never get a report about them... Vamos família. Let´s heed the mighty counsel of Elder Ballard and talk some more and more about PMG.
This week I studied a little bit about converts that have "fallen" in chapter 10. Unfortunately, one of the recent converts I taught and baptized isn't coming to church. I'm sad to admit it but at first I was really frustrated at her. I felt like she "lied" to me throughout the course of teaching her. After a good study, I realized that they could be feeling guilt for falling back in to a habit (smoking for example). It says in this chapter that a recent convert that quickly stops to attend church is most likely dealing with this type of situation. I repented after this and recommitted to helping her receive all of the incredible blessings of the atonement in her life - through the sacrament.
This week was crazy. We spent Sunday until Wednesday night in Campinas with meetings, returning only Thursday and Saturday to work in Zion (Socorro) because Friday I was on a division with another Elder. Everything really wiped me out. I think I was more tired than when I first arrived in Brasil - back when I was falling asleep while eating food... Haha but I was thinking to myself, ´´Seriously, I don´t know if I´m going to be able to make it two years. Not that I want to go home, but I won´t make it home. I´m going to die of exhaustion.´´
I then had the thought President Eyring coined. "When I'm tired and think that I can´t go on, I think about the Savior and His example. Even when The Savior Himself said, ´It is Finished,´ He went and preached some more in the Spirit World."
Ohhh baby. I read a part in my journal while I was in the MTC and I saw a talk Elder Holland gave. He said, "Bring in the thunder and let somebody feel it!"

Haha, so here it comes. Year number 2, here I come! In my mortal ministry and quest to become more like The Savior, this to is now my desire. I´m seriously so tired, my eyes want to go to sleep as I write this, but I´m working until I drop. And if I die, you´ll know what I´ll be doing... Preaching the Gospel to your Grandma!

Love you all!
Elder Welch

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