Monday, July 21, 2014

"Are You from Germany??"

I seriously can´t tell you how many times I´ve been questioned the past two weeks if I was from Germany. Haha it's crazy. Brasil is still so embarrassed about what happened during the World Cup. Haha even if I was German, I wouldn´t tell anyone because I seriously wouldn´t make it home alive. Anyway, Dad wrote me about Germany´s team and how they´ve been preparing for 16 years for this World Cup. I liked the twist he put on it and how he related it to the Gospel.

Last week I wrote about how tired I was. How was that a prophecy... Haha this week by far was the most tiring week on the mission. We had two baptisms that got moved an HOUR BEFORE the baptism to another city, one hour away. Because we´re a Branch here, our baptismal font is a swimming pool outside. And let me tell ya, if I didn´t have such a strong desire to baptize down here, I would stop teaching all of our investigators. It´s seriously Antartica! Haha and because they were kids that were baptized this week, we went all the way to the capella in ´´Bragança´´ in order to have the baptism inside.
It was a baptism never to be forgotten. We baptized Giovanna (the third Giovanna we´ve baptized in 6 weeks!) who was a daughter of a less active member. We found her trying to reactivate her grandpa, ``Dino´´, who speaks 10 LANGUAGES! Yes, 10. Haha he´s the smartest man alive. His memory is literally a computer. Anyway, we found out that Dino´s wife isn´t a member also! Samira, Dino´s wife, will follow the example of her granddaughter we hope this Saturday. It´s been three days since she´s stopped smoking. What a miracle because she was smoking like it was her job two weeks ago.

The other baptism was a baptism for the Branch. João Paulo, if you can remember by his face, was the man who was rubbing his stomach in the background of our skype call during Mother´s day. Haha the one that wouldn´t put his shirt down and was messing around with Matt. Anyway, he´s the dad of the little girl (Maria Erika) that was baptized. He and his family asked me almost two months ago that they wanted me to baptize her. In that moment I was so excited - who wouldn´t be?! João Paulo was less active but he, along with his wife, desired that their daughter was baptized. The Spirit told me however to gently decline his invitation and invite him to perform the baptism. ´´I´m honored that you guys chose me, but families are meant to be eternal. João Paulo, eternal life for Maria won´t be the same if you´re not there with her.´´ He was silent for a really long time. To make an incredible, miracle story short (and after a lot of tears shed by his wife), he straightened up his act, worked with the Branch President, and baptized his daughter! YEAAAHHHHHH!! I love me some FAM-A-LEEEES!!!

However, about these miracle stories, one has still ceased to happen. 4 in a half months ago, one of the sisters in the Branch looked at me in the eyes and said, ´´Finally! Finally the missionary has arrived. Finally the missionary is here to baptize Afonso.´´
Afonso is the husband of this sister. He´s been taught and taught and taught for 14 stinkin´ years! Yesterday we received the transfer call and guess who´s staying.... OH YEAHH BABYY!!! Unfortunately, Elder Amancio is leaving, but the good news is, I´ll be training again. ´´Buuurrrrrrrnnn baby burrrrnnnnn´´ (with greenie fire).
Anyway, the weight that´s on my shoulders about Afonso seriously haunts me! Ive taught him everything! He´s felt the spirit and knows everything is true. He comes to church every Sunday. The members invite him to be baptized.... Haha seriously, send me some ideas. Pray for him. Fast for him. Do what ever you can to help him out because it´s seriously so heavy on my shoulders... I know the Lord will provide the way however.

Love you all! Send me your Preach my Gospel thoughts please!

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