Tuesday, May 27, 2014

"You Just Got Book of Mormon Slapped"

Let me send some shout outs to where it´s needed.
Ashley and Adam have jumped on the ´´write Elder Welch every week´´ and let me tell you, its one good ride... Thanks for the letters. Also, congrats for you Ash! I loved hearing about the prompting you received to share the gospel with your doterra friend. Fill me in on the deets! You can expect that I'll be following up with you. I was so happy to read that.
Brittany send me pics of her awesome family and I just about showed everyone here in this computer house. I was so happy. I tried printing them but it wouldn't work last week. Cant wait to receive those puppies in the mail sometime soon!
Mom started her journal. What whattttt?!?? Yeah! Thanks for accepting the invitation to write scripture for me. Haha seriously,I'm ´´future happy.´´ I know the Lord will bless you as you keep a record of your awesome life.
Dustin wrote me about his job and how hes getting thick in the gym everyday. Parabems!
And dad and his talks at conference. I loved the one about the momentum shifting in a basketball game. Mom and Ashley said it was really well written and the Spirit was dynamite. Ashley told me about promptings she received during the talk. The Stake President visited us yesterday in our Branch. Its funny because all of the missionaries always get super nervous around the mission and stake presidents... As for me (with President Perrotti - a little) with Stake Presidents... Pshhh, I tell them they´re no big deal. Haha I'm proud of you dad. I also used the thought you gave me with Ammon´s sheep with a recent convert and taught him how he needs to heed Ammon and recognize when he´s scattered. I really like that twist
If you notice, everyone in the family wrote me except for Matt... Joe didn't either but he wrote me some solid ones last month. But MATT! What´s going on brotha?! Haha

Well, this week our shower head broke, meaning the hot water. I know how Sister Holly Welch felt with no hot water... Holy cow its seriously TERRIBLE! Haha my companion screams in pain every morning. Haha he has this scream he does before running under the cold water. Haha but I love the suffering. I just tell myself - Ill laugh about this terrible event at some point later in my life.
We saw a lot of miracles this week, including a pastor of a church. Ohhh yeahh. The Spirit was WITH us. We scheduled an appt with him the day before. On Thursday, we entered to him with a video of his religion, a page full of scriptures and notes, and a Book of Mormon with a bunch of markings.
Long story short, we settled all of his doubts about the Book of Mormon, how the Bible doesn't say the word´´Book of Mormon´´ but how it also doesn't say the word ´´Bible´´ just profecias, and then sealed it with our testimonies. We returned back and he was studying about temples. He accepted baptism on the fact that if he can't find one error in the Book of Mormon. MAN! I love that book.

Happy birthday to mom! Yeeeeeeeeee! Also Elder Persinger and Cody. This week would have a lot of cake in Deseret. But mom, I wrote in my planner that it was your birthday and was thinking about you. How grateful I am for your example. One thing I studied this week was the impact the Savior had on the life of women and how he took care of his mother. I loved thinking about this as I studied because I felt a little bit of what he probably felt like. It was interesting that the first recorded miracle He performed was something to help His mom with.

Unfortunately, gotta go, but I love you mom! Love you fam! The church is true!

Preach My Gospel chapter 10 - use the scriptures section
Through my example of using the Book of Mormon and applying it to them will help them live the commandment to study the scriptures every day. Like the Pastor, I get Book of Mormon slapped every morning. I LOVE The Book of Mormon. I love the Savior. He lives!

Elder Welch

ps. I don't know how, but if you can try to hunt down the email of Brother Prince. I need to write him an email. Please ask members in the ward that were close with him or his family.

pss. I need a picture of my baptism for an investigator. They don't think they're 9 year old daughter has accountability yet. I want to show them the influence baptism had on me as an 8 year old.

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