Monday, May 5, 2014

Greenie Fire!

No! We made plans with our Branch President to call around 1:30 but Ill change it this week. Ill call at 3:15ish if that´s okay (brasilian time). I hope that's okay because there's no way of checking if its not. We started our branch mission plan and go on divisions every sunday afternoon. Ill talk to the leadership this week to push back our visits a little mais tarde so I can call. Our mission president said 1 hour - OH YEAH! More 15 minutes that Georgia! Whoop!
First, Ill start with Dad. AMEN! To your idea of speaking on chapter 13. Holy cow, that´s the best idea ever. Two weeks ago my companion and I received some money from the Branch to go to the temple and buy a bunch of Preach My Gospel´s to bring back to Socorro. We had our first class last Sunday where we had a good turnout, and have begun using it in our leadership meetings now too. The leadership here is good and bad. They literally have 100 percent trust in us - so, we really can accomplish the things that WE want as missionaries, but bad because they have some branch stuff they need to do. It´s been a real learning process from me as I have had to take a good chunk of the load in teaching the leaders their duties. I'm grateful for the responsibility however.
We have a little bit of a problem here right now with the leaders on the stake level and the branch here. Theres two branches in our stake and the Stake Presidency (from what people say) doesn't pay much attention to us. No one from the stake level visits or does training. We´re in the process of trying to make the line of communication better between them. A lot of work that I didn't expect I would do as a missionary - anyway, dad, you're awesome. Haha I sometimes think what it would be like to rewind to when Dustin was a missionary, be his companion and you as our stake president. I don't know if that's a good thought or bad thought, but I'm grateful that you both are strong and active, with forte testimonies. Chapter 13 of Preach My Gospel... I'm excited to hear how it goes.
Dustin graduated?? Wow! Haha he made it. Its so weird thinking that he finished at BYU... So old!

My new companion is awesome. Straight up awesome. He´s the first companion I´ve had on the mission that pushes me. Ive always felt like Ive been the one pushing my companions, but Elder Amâncio (hallejujah he´s Brasilian!) is gun-ho on missionary work. Yesterday we set goals as a companionship for things we want to accomplish this transfer. He seriously has the most faith. I asked him how many people he wanted to baptize this transfer and he said ______ (number HUGE!!). I looked at him and just shook my head - ´´I was like you 10 months ago...´´ I thought
But I later thought more about it. Why not? Haha he´s got the fire, he´s got the faith, let´s do this baby! I always was kind of arrogant that I was the person most excited in the world about missionary work - but he beat me this week. Time to step it up on my part. I'm grateful for this inspired transfer. Unfortunately, I have lost a little bit of that ´´Greenie Fire´´ I came in to the mission field with.

Preach My Gospel thought - Chapter 6
Hope - it´s manifested in 1.confidence, 2.optimism, 3.enthusiasm, and 4.patience perseverance 
Your faith will increase as you elevate your hope. Hope for eternal life. Pray for eternal life. And manifest it by your GREENIE FIRE! 
Love you all. Can´t wait to talk to Mom THIS SUNDAY!!!
Elder Welch

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