Thursday, April 3, 2014

Plano de Jogo [3/31/14]

Guess who received a package this week?? YEAAHHHHH!!!! A couple quick comments about that:
-I didn't have a 300 dollar tax this time. Free of charge! Thank you, thank you thank you
-Sister Mccrary and Ashley's letter in the box were dynamite. They actually made me tear up a little bit. Thank you to the relief society for the letters.
-Brother Dean's letter was the best. Ive got to admit it. Please tell him how much I appreciated his letter. I loved the quotes he sent too.
-Jd and Davids letters. Keep those coming! I'm so proud of them. Also, I'm curious about Hunter. If its not to hard, I would love to hear how hes doing
-Post it notes and the ''tall'' garments. Thank you. I really like those. You don't need to send anymore for now, but in the future, I think I will ask for a resupply.
-Sister Nelson and the seminary kids are awesome! Especially the YW. Their testimonies were FORTE! I loved hearing their insight on what they learned so far about the Book of Mormon. That book has seriously changed my life. I carry it in my hand always so people can ask about it. Please let her know that I still think about her seminary lessons. This week I was thinking about the ''little blue dot.'' It was a conference talk she spoke about and how little we really are in comparison to Gods creations but of infinite worth we are. It helped me answer a question about the atonement I had.
-And peanut butter.... Ohhhhh I miss peanut butter so much. Thank you for that and trail mix

So I was pretty down. I ALWAYS leave an area the weekend of a family baptism. In Georgia and now in Jundiai. The package came at perfect timing as we had a three hour bus ride to our new area. Haha its in no mans land. Its a small, tiny city in the mountains! We have a small branch that meets in a club house. The baptismal font is a swimming pool - if that's not motivating to baptize, nothing will... Haha I want to get in that pool! To put it in perspective, Jundiai's list of members had about 18 pages. Here in Sucorro, theres not even two in a half... Its so tiny! Anyway, so it was a mixture of feelings of the hard work put in in Jundiai and then leaving, coming to small tiny (bunch of old people) branch where theres more horses and cows then people. Haha we walk easily 25 minutes in between houses sometimes.
Anyway, I had a thought about Christ. What was Christ like when He was my age? The 19 year old Christ??
It really shifted my view and motivated me to act and be like him. After some fervent prayer and fasting, the Lord blessed us with 19 new investigators this past week. 5 came to church. The leadership didn't have any trust in the missionaries and were so tired and dried out. We called and met with them multiple times this week and won a little bit of their trust. They asked us to give a talk yesterday as a result of our conversations. I decided to do it on Elder Nielsen's conference talk about making a game plan.
I invited the branch of about 29 members to try to be more excited than me and my companion with missionary work. I also made a ''game plan'' with the list of investigators for them to pray for this week.... OOhhhhh baby. I wish I could explain more but they got SOO excited! The Lord heard our prayers.
I love the work. Hes really hastening it here. There's so much potential!
Ill write more next week!
Com amor,

Elder Welch

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