Monday, April 14, 2014

Grandpa Golf

I'll explain the title here in a little bit, but first, ''some items of ward business":
-Next package, please send me a Rubik's cube. My companion told me that when he was investigating the church, the missionary that taught him used a Rubik's cube to explain the great apostasy and restoration. He said he's never forgotten it. I think that would be really cool to use here. Ive started doing some magic tricks for kids in a family, like changing Brasilian coins into American change... Haha they love it. But I think that could help with some teaching situations.
-Also, I need a new oil vile (it broke!)
-and a new memory card for the camera. I want to send home my memory card now but I wont have anything for a while to take pictures. So Ill send it home when I receive another. Thank you always for the love in the care package mom!

I don't know why, but the words of Matt and Dustin and example of Grandpa McFerson made a big impact on me this week.  Usually, because it's a Welch gene (and Joe has inherited it), at some point during a round of golf you will start to over correct your drive from the tee box. Usually, depending on how your playing, you will play about a 50-75 yard slice. Haha, and then, if you're Dustin, you will hook one really bad to the left and there goes a two-stroke penalty... ANNNNNDDDD a temper, haha. Because Matt and Dustin usually get really frustrated teeing off, they coined the term, ''Good 'ol Grandpa Golf.'' The term was named after Grandpa McFerson because of how frustrating it is to play with him. He just swings the club really calmly and smoothly.... And then the ball goes about 150 yards straight down the middle of the fairway. Ohhhh man it's sometimes so frustrating - probably because he's had cancer and his right arm practically doesn't even function. From the example of Gpa, Dustin and Matt would usually at the end of every round play ''Grandpa Golf'' and finish the round out well.
Anyway, one thing granpa taught me that I havent forgotten is his reflection on the round after. He always remembers the holes he played so well. He told me one time that every night, before he goes to bed after playing a round that day, he goes through each hole and thinks about each shot. His thoughts before the shot, the lie of the ball, where he wants to place the ball, his practice swings, the club he used, everything... I think it stuck with me because of the intense thought that takes not only during the round, but after in order to remember it.

I read a talk this week from Elder Holland about personal worthiness. At the end of the talk, he mentions how we can feel the Spirit more. He said something like this:
When we're all alone with just our memories, our conscience will reflect a peaceful feeling and we will know the Lord approved our labor for that day.

I butchered that quote but I think it still carries the same power. I began to put that in to practice this week.
Every night before I go to bed, I first reflect in my mission journal where I saw the Hand of the Lord. I then put it away and kneel down and begin the record some of the things I pray for. After the prayer, when it's just me and my memories, I have really felt the Spirit and the Lord ''approving'' my labor and efforts as a missionary. Every night, I play a round of ''Good 'ol Grandpa Golf'' before going to bed.
I just looked at the timer and realized I cant even finish this letter.... Haha sorry. This week was awesome and we received a TON of blessings from the Lord. As I continue to recognize His hand, I seem to have more spiritual experiences. One frustrating thing however is as I come closer to HIm, I began to recognize more of my weaknesses. Its TERRIBLY frustrating but I think its that way for a reason. As we learn more of Him, He will help us become more like Him.

I love the Lord and serving Him everyday. I'll record some thoughts next week of Preach My Gospel. It didn't seem like anyone accepted my invitation. Ill decide just to talk about it regardless.

Love you family!
Elder Welch

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