Monday, February 3, 2014


Some quick notes:
-Thank you for the credit card. I´m not able to confirm I have received it because its in international call. So maybe if you could call for me, that would help. If you need me to send you the number to activate it, I will next week. I left it at home. Thank you! I can also buy you a Brazilian world cup jersey or something to if Matt or Dustin wants one.
-Dad, Ricardo is in my ward! I ate at his house the first full day here. His wife is the one I sent a picture home holding the plate of food. We invited him to read the Book of Mormon everyday to help him prepare more to be sealed in the temple with his family. I follow up with him every sunday at church. That first day I was there, he made me eat about 10 plates. The members sometimes get crazy here. I tried denying a third plate of food one time, and the sister got offended thinking I didn't like the food. I'm learning subtle tricks though like not putting so much food on the plate, eating SUPER slow, or not eating everything on your plate so they cant tell you to take another plate. Haha
-Its good to hear about Marshall. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help out. I´m so happy he made the decision to be baptized still. Matt rocks!
So this week, and this transfer has been the greatest blessing on my mission. The language barrier hasn´t really been apart of the difficult times, but my mind I think. I got pretty confident in my ability to find new investigators, teaching by the spirit, and helping others progress, but Brasil is a whole new world. Haha what worked really well there, hasn´t done anything for us here. We´re still enduring to the end! But not really seeing any tangible results. I feel like we´re Nephi trying and trying and trying again to obtain the plates. We try something new, it seems like it will work out, and then we fail. I know the Lord provides a way, I´m just in the process of trying to figure that way out. It´s been a very humbling experience as I try and try and try again.Dustin reminded me this week though that I can´t fail when I have the Lord on my side - love it! I´ve been commanded to teach and baptize in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, and that´s what we´re going to do here! I´ve spent more time on my knees this transfer trying to figure out how I can "slay Laban" and just get the plates already! 
Rafiel, one of our few investigators had an incredible miracle happen to him. We´ve had some awesome conversations with him and about whats important in his life. He plays on an amature soccer team here in Jundiaí (he´s sweet at soccer) but hasn't been able to get a job to provide for his family. Through the Spirit, we promised him if we wouldn´t drink last weekend and attend church, he would receive a job... Well, the Lord provided and got him a job! Incredible. He hasn´t drank since and is very happy. The only problem is he works from 730 in the morning to 830 at night... This week were trying to get a member to drive us there because he lives so far away, but he is so tired from work, he doesn't want to meet with us right now. He didn't come to church unfortunately yesterday, but we´re trying to focus with him the importance of remembering what the Lord has done for us in our lives. 
It reached an all time high this week with the heat. We had a lady in the train station faint on us which was really scary. Everyone left her there in the sun, so Elder Lee and I took care of her. I sprinted to get some water and started pouring it in my hand and rubbing it on her face and cheeks. Haha I was like slapping her cheeks. She later woke up and I slowly gave her small sips of water (thank you boy scouts! haha). Anyway, the ambulance came and I´m sure she´s okay (we've been praying for her). I'm grateful the Lord put her in our path. 
Though the times are tough, I love it here! Prayer and my journal have been the best sources for me this transfer. As I continue to reflect and remember where I see the hand of the Lord in my life everyday, I´m happy. Its a good life. It´s a good, good life. 
Elder Welch

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