Monday, February 17, 2014

"Men of Understanding"

Mosiah 1:2 - gotta love it. I think that´s one of my favorite lines in The Book of Mormon. I read that this week as I was studying more about the importance of investigators attending church and wrote it all over our house. If we all were ´´Men/Women of Understanding´´ (heart and mind), what would change about our behavior. Ughhhh, I love it.

So this week was great. We found a lot of people, and got to teach about 4 different families! Whoop! The sad thing is, one person came to church. We confirmed with so many people and nobody showed. Daghh!! Missionary work is a bunch of mountains and valleys. I haven´t figured out the Brazilian mind yet! Haha there´s so much work to be done. Which is both overwhelming and exciting at the same time. That one person though... aghhh I love her. She´s like 75 years old and four feet tall. You seriously have to press your ear up to her face in order to hear her. She´s so sweet and so humble. You sometimes just want to hug the old, poor women here. She showed up to church yesterday with sandals on.
First bite mark...
This week we met this man who came outside of his gate to talk to us. His wife got home a little bit later and opened up their gate. A 10 inch dog sprinted out of the house and out of the gate at me. Haha It was so tiny I kind of started laughing. It was angry at me for something... Anyway, it like jumped six feet in front of me and latched on to my ankle. Hahah it hurt so bad! I seriously could´ve punted that dog 100 yards it was so tiny. The wife was hilarious too. She was making all of these noises trying to catch it as the dog kept getting a hold of the bottom of my pants. I was dancing around the dog like I was on hot coals. Haha anyway, nothing bad came of it. No rabies...

I love the scriptures. Absolutely LOVE The Book of Mormon. and of course, I love Preach My Gospel. I love the Lord and am so grateful for this opportunity to work in His vineyard in my life right now. I know we will see some miracles in this coming transfer.

Elder Welch

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