Tuesday, June 24, 2014


To start out, I received the beloved packages Ive been waiting for so long to receive. Its been over four months since Ive gotten some love, even from the mission office with material. Everything arrived together. Talk about Christmas morning! Haha it was awesome. I had to open them in a couple of days because I only have time at nights after planning to think about the fam!
The picture of Matt at prom seriously shocked me. HOLY SMOKES HE´S HUGE! Haha he always told me that he would beat me up when I got home, which I never believed, but now I can see how it can become a reality... No joke. Its funny too because my companion sometimes talks about Matt and how hes so strong. He thinks youre an animal.
The memory card and oil containers made me really happy. Unfortantely, last month I went to send home a few fotos and EVERYTHING, almost 5 months of my missions fotos were deleted... Man! I said a prayer to just forget about it because I was a little frustrated. Now, its just a fun memory... (not really "fun" but definitely a memory). Anyway, Ill send home my memory card probably in a month or two when I get some more pictures on it.
ITS PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME!! (with out the jelly) OOOHHHHHHH YEAHHHHHHH!!! I was so happy with the peanut butter. Whoo baby! I shouldve taken Elder L Tom Perry´s advice more seriously before the mission...
And the rubix´s cube...
Last month I really spent a lot of time thinking about Christ and how He would teach people today in Socorro. I thought and thought and thought, and finally figured it out with a simple question. Paraboles! (wow, forget how to spell that in english)
This week I started using the rubix´s cube to help people understand the great apostasy and restoration. I literally saw people dumbfounded this week as their minds finally clicked! "I understand it now!" Many people said.
And so it began. I started thinking about and looking for different things in the house to use to teach the way the Savior would. I thought about examples and stories in my life also. This week, I made a big leap forward in the way I taught. As I used stories, objects, and examples, people not only felt the spirit, but understand in their minds as well (principal lesson Abinadi taught to the Priests about the Law of Moses)
Yesterday also, we visited a pastor and attended his small congregation. We talked with him, the lead pastor of the Testimony of Jehovah, and some Catholics this week. No real evident progress yet, but I feel like something big is about to happen here in a couple of weeks. I think we need to look for the smaller congregations first and help them come unto Christ - not to destory these other churches, but to bring them Eternal Life.
Im excited for the work. Its getting hotter and hotter every week! Expect baptism pics next week!
Elder Welch

Preach My Gospel thought will come next week if you want to keep doing this

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