Monday, October 14, 2013

Milagres - parte dois

Wow. Ughhhh I love it here. I'm Livin' the Dream all day, everyday. How great is my calling!
Man, there's been so many miracles this week. I'll start with "Lexas".
We knocked on her door yesterday after saying a prayer. She opened the door and we introduced ourselves. She was wearing a Chigago Bulls hat so I asked her if she liked them and she said she was a fan. I asked her about Derrick Rose when she replied, "Who's that?" Haha I smiled and just said nevermind. Kinda funny... Anyway, after talking for about a minute she started to close the door. The Holy Ghost, before even knocking on the door, prompted me to, "Say it." Throughout our conversation I continued to receive impression after impression to, "Say it. Say it. Say it..." Haha I continued to ignore it. It's kind of funny now that I think about it because it's so random but as she began to slowly close the door, I decided to just "say it."
"Families can be together forever."
I thought I was going to look "stupid" for saying that but she kind of tweeked her head to the side and thought for a moment. "I know they can..."
She told us that she was going to get her sister so she closed the door momentarilly. I continued to stare at the door so my companion wouldn't ask me why I said that... Haha it was so random. She came back to the door about a minute later by herself and sat down outside on these apartment steps. We didn't know really what was going on but we decided to just ask her more about herself. We got to know each other and then jumped in to how to receive Eternal Life (Lesson 3 of PMG) She stopped us in the middle of talking and looked at me curious.
"Do you always say that when you knock on someone's door?"
I wasn't sure what exactly she was referring to so I said, "Always say what?"
"Families can be together forever."
I paused for a moment with a hundred thoughts going through my head. I just told her the truth. "No I don't but I felt that you needed to hear that." I explained how the Holy Ghost works in a of couple sentences.
With tears beginning to fill her eyes she looked at me for about 5 seconds. "That's crazy," she replied.
We later found out that she's never known her dad, that her mom died a few years ago and that her grandma just died. She's young, probably a senior in high school or freshman in college, and now lives alone with her 30 year old, single-mom sister of two kids. She talked about how hard everything was right now. Her neice and nephew poked their heads out the door and said something to make her laugh. "I love those guys she said." I was able to show them a picture of Boston and Reese (the one of them on the rollercoaster with their mouths open and legs kicked up) and testifed to her how God loves her and is very aware of what she is going through. That He is our literal Heavenly Father and blesses us through families. I then assured her that she could be with them forever through His plan. The Spirit was around us like a cloud. You could cut the air with a knife it was so thick. We left her with a prayer and are going to see her later this week.
Later that day we knocked on Sabrina's door. After we contacted a referall, we did as Preach My Gospel says and went finding around where the contact is located. We knocked on a lady's door who was on the phone and seemed very uninterested. She told whoever she was on the phone with that someone was at her door and she would call back shortly. We introduced ourselves and began talking to her. She didn't seem very happy to be talking to us and it was obvious that she really wanted to just shut the door and go on with whatever it was that she was doing before. The Holy Ghost prompted us to reiterate who we represent and why we were at her door. I obeyed the subtle prompting.
"Ma'am, we are representatives of Jesus Christ... We were sent here today, by Him, to specifically leave you with His peace. You. Need. Peace."
It was silent for a little bit as she turned her head away. I didn't know what to think; Did I offend her? Will she shut the door? After I said that I was really nervous.
She began moving her legs around trying to not let us see her. She finally did look up at us with tears coming out of her eyes. She even began to use two hands to wipe her away her tears. I was shocked. What did I do!
"I do need peace. I really do need it, right now."
We left her a blessing and shared the Destination/Route with her. We left her "wanting more" and set up a return appointment for this Wednesday. We are excited to see her again.
Those are just two brief miracles of what happens here everyday while on a mission. I'm so humbled to represent Jesus Christ. It's the hardest thing I've ever had to do in my life and the responsibility weighs on your shoulders like nothing you have ever felt before in your life. I'm constantly uplifted by prayer and have gained a huge appreciation for just saying prayers of gratitude. We pretty much say a prayer thanking Heavenly Father after every door now. We have so many people to teach as we continue to work diligently. We were excited to see seven of our investigators at church yesterday.
I love it here. I'm so happy. Heavenly Father has been so good to me. Not only while here in Georgia, but my entire life.
I know He lives, that Jesus Christ is His son. It's awesome to have His name on your chest everyday.
I love you all.
Elder Welch

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