Saturday, August 24, 2013

Tyler Gets a New Assignment!

Tyler is still waiting for his visa to come before he can go serve in Brazil.  He has completed his 6 weeks of training at the MTC, and since he has still not received his visa, he has been re-assigned to serve in a new area in the states until it comes.  The Mission Department has told us that there are over 700 missionaries who are still waiting for their visas.  Below is the email he wrote home today:

Quierdo Pais e otima fimilia,
I received my reassignment today! They wanted us to email you and let you know where it was. My companion and another missionary in my room were both reassigned to Pocatello!  I was actually hoping I would be called there so I could go and pick up all of Dustin's slack from three years ago... Haha just kidding but I was thinking how cool that would've been to be able to tell people that I am his brother. I love you all. My visa will come. As for now, God has a little bit of a different path for me. The more I look back at my life, the more clearly I see and the stronger my testimony grows of how much He's really been "in the details" of my life. I feel like I did back on Feb 22.  

I tried to send a video, but I guess it's not working.  I guess you will have to just wait and see it.  So I leave this Tuesday at 2:30 am for the Atlanta Georgia mission!  Once I get there, I'll send you the video.  I love you all!  Thank you for the love and prayers.  Tell the Jenkins that they're awesome too!

The picture is for Matt (oh, and Mr. Sedlacek of course...)
Love you Matt! Let me know how Football goes! I think of you all the time and wish for ya the best of luck. Remember, "Noah's arc, back-spin" night!" (Haha I told my companion that and he looked at me like I had problems)

Here are some other pictures that a girl (Sarah Kron) from Tyler's stake back home sent.  They are both training in the MTC at the same time.  This is the email she sent home to her family with the pictures:

Elder (Tyler) Welch + me (from the same home stake) - our classrooms (that we are in like 80% of the day) are like two doors down. Actually two nights ago my district + his were paired up to teach each other (one companionship from one district teaches another from the other district) the third lesson. Their district has been out almost their full 6 weeks and we have just barely passed our 3rd week mark, but were still able to communicate pretty well in portuguese!! #wahoo! Elder Welch + I didn't teach each other but the moral of the story is that we see each other so much and finally got in a photo...especially an OHIO one (which our companions were both REALLY confused about, haha). But they did it anyway. (: OH-! (: #ohiopride

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